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The World?s Toughest Timber

It is said to be the strongest wood in the world, more dense and durable than teak and is rated by the US Forest Lab to last for more than 25 years without succumbing to rot. The U.S. Department of Agriculture and Forestry has rated Ip? as "very resistant to attack by decay, fungi and termites."
The wood is Ip?, the world's toughest timber, a dark reddish-brown hardwood that grows in rain forests throughout Central and South America.

Ip? has been around for a long time but just wasn't considered a marketable material. Brazilian lumber companies had been chopping down the trees for years, but because the wood was so heavy, they usually left the trees where they fell, preferring to drag out mahogany and other more highly prized woods. It was only after the Brazilian government began to enforce more sustainable harvesting measures, that this wood literally "came out into the light" . The lumber companies were forced to bring out everything they cut down and it was only then that Ip? was brought onto the market in volume.

So what are the uses for this tough timber?

It is ideal for any kind of urban furniture and flooring such boardwalks, decks, bridges and park benches particularly for any project near a sea resort. Any other type of wood would rot away, over time with the salt from the ocean but Ip? is incredibly resistant to the elements. Marinas, seaside resorts, golf courses gazebos and outdoor furniture for parks and outdoor facilities, even roofing.

Weathered Ip?
Ip? can also be sealed to maintain its natural beauty or it can be allowed to weather to a beautiful silver grey colour.

Ip? deck

Working Properties:
Another problems with marketing this wood was chiefly technical. How were sawmills and manufacturers going to work with such a hard wood?
Ip? was capable of destroying traditional saws used for cutting oak and pine. When traditional screws were driven into it, the heads just snapped off. But thanks to modern technology, a number of companies invested in developing machinery to process this tough wood.

With the right technology it can be cut with standard carbide tipped blades but requires pre-drilling and screwing with stainless steel screws. It has a hardness rating of 3640 Janka, almost 3 times that of Northern Red Oak at 1260 Janka. Ip? is also natural resistant to insects, moisture, and movement and is available in a variety of standard dimensional lumber sizes and can be used for entire projects.
Ip? is natural resistant to fire and has been rated as a Class A-1 Fire Retardant Rating
This is a very important factor for architects and specifiers when specifying for municipalities or any area where the criteria of fire resistance is of vital importance.

Other type of wood used for decks such as redwood, cedar, or copper chromium arsenate pressure treated materials do not last as long as Ip? which has a longer life span (3-5 times the life span of the other woods mentioned). It is competitively priced with high grades of cedar and redwood. If you compare the one time cost of Ip? to the 3-5 times you replace other materials over the life span of Ip?, the long term value of Ip? becomes very clear!
It is to date, the best timber product for exterior usage.

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