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Terms and Condition

The services that are free and in sale on are avaible only for firm, and not for privat person.

The prices not include Vat.
Only for Italy the invoice are with Vat 22%
For the rest of the world the invoice haven't vat.
For firm of UE the invoice are witheout Vat for this law "fuori campo IVA art. 7ter DPR 633/72 - inversione contabile"
For firm extra UE the invoice are witheout Vat for this Law "fuori campo IVA art. 7ter DPR 633/72 - operazione non soggetta"

The use of service is governed under the terms and conditions set out below.
The use of the service and content offered by, involves and implies full knowledge and unconditional acceptance of the clauses listed below.
1 - IDENTIFICATION OF THE SERVICE AND THE CONTENT OFFERED From di entiria spa , Via Locatelli 1 , 37122 verona, PI 03054380237, allows recipients of their service to enter, publish and consult online ads for free, broken down by cities and categories.
The users of these services and content you can find useful information and communicate directly with , through the Contact Us page (Art. 7 D.Lgs. N. 70/03, paragraph 1, lett. A, b, c, d, s) .
Under this part (Terms of Use) of service with the term "User / s" means both the navigating users that advertisers users.
The service can be used by people over eighteen.
Any use of the service by minors, assumes and implies the consent of the parents or, on the same, has parental responsibility or guardianship.
They assume, therefore, the full and exclusive responsibility for any conduct by the minor in access, the use and use of the service.
You acknowledge that not make any preventive control on the content of ads placed on the network, nor held any brokerage activities on any transactions between the same Members.
The latter assume, therefore, the full and exclusive responsibility towards and external reporting, the required behavior.
The User makes use of the service provided in the knowledge that it does not guarantee anything regarding the veracity of the content of the ads or the successful outcome of negotiations.
By posting your ad on you authorize to ensure that the content of the ad is made visible and accessible to network users also through the next indexing (automatic or selective) of search engines by posting them on other sites which entertain collaborative relationships (such as other classified ad sites or vertical search engines and generalist), through advertising on broadcast media in order to more effectively promote your listings of its members.
You agree not to make use of services supplied From improperly or contrary to the provisions of law and regulations and the rules of Ethics and Good use of network services (SO-CALLED "Netiquette").
In particular, the User agrees not to transmit, via, offensive material, libelous, defamatory, pornographic, child pornography, vulgar, obscene, profane, or otherwise contrary to the principles of public order and morality.
The advertiser is aware that the email address provided on will be worth as a means of distance communication.
The advertiser agrees to submit advertisements drafted in an accurate and truthful, with particular regard to hazardous / defective features of items for sale, especially if you are able to provide a bias to those who did use.
You represent to use the service offered by knowing they could encounter links that can return to the web pages on has no control and whose content does not assume any responsibility. It will be User's responsibility to check from time to time the terms of use of the pages accessed via the links on
The User expressly declares to refrain from any discrimination, whether direct or indirect, based on racial or ethnic origin of individuals, in accordance with the provisions regarding the Decree. N. 215/2003 and is committed to compliance with the Conventions posed to human rights protection.
You agree not to publish on the web, without the consent of the authors, ads containing personal data, sensitive and / or images of minors or third parties, as well as material that contains viruses or other systems thesis to damage the operation of this service or deputy to the broadcasting of any facility.
The user agrees not to encourage, commit, encourage and / or facilitate in any way, through the spaces made available by, criminal acts and illicit behavior in general. The User agrees not to affect the use and enjoyment of other users' service.
Through the use of the resources offered by Bakeca, the User agrees not to reproduce, transcribe, copy, distribute, modify or communicate, without authority, material protected by copyright, and to respect, in general, any provision in the Law no. 633/1941 and subsequent amendments. Keithley. (C. D. "LoA").
You agree not to request the publication of misleading advertisements or involving assets of illicit origin and / or, for whatever reason, can not be marketed.
It represents, also, to refrain from sending any third party information and / or unsolicited advertising.
Before requesting the publication of a recruitment ad in the section "Jobs", you agree to take note and to observe the provisions of the Decree. N. 276/2003 (SO-CALLED "Biagi Law") and Legislative Decree. N. 198/2006 (SO-CALLED "Code of equal opportunities between men and women").
Likewise, before you apply for or accept any job, you assume the responsibility to know and to verify compliance with the rulings referred to in Legislative Decree no. 276/03 and Legislative Decree no. 198/2006.
It stays still the absence of any intermediary between the demand and supply of labor by Bakeca.
The latter is limited, in fact, to offer users a web space for the publication of their ads.
You agree not to publish advertisements relating to the supply of services related to sex in exchange for money, or making reference to sexual organs, or bearing obscene images and / or inappropriate.
You acknowledge and agree that not exercise any control and / or supervision of the opinions included in the web space
The 'User will, therefore, the sole and exclusive responsible for the content of their discussion topics, which constitute the event free expression of thought, constitutionally protected, and carried out in strict compliance with the law limits.
The User specifically declares to use the service provided by subject to the following regulations and international conventions, that knows and believes in its own family:
Washington Convention on the sale of animal and plant species in danger of extinction, which was ratified by Law 19 December 1975 n ° 874;
Paris Chemical Weapons Convention, ratified by the Law 496/95 amended by Law 93 of 4 April 1997;
The rules on the arms trade under T.U.L.P.S. R.D. June 18, 1931, n ° 773, in the updated and current to March 31, 2003;
Law Decree No. 58 of 24/2/1998 (only financial intermediation Text);
Art. 689 of the Criminal Code and Legislative Decree No. 114 of 31.03.1998 on the sale of alcoholic beverages;
D.M. 11/01/89 on the sale of national lottery tickets, the exclusive responsibility of the State Monopolies;
Art. 615 ter and quater of the Criminal Code relating to computer crimes;
Article 31 of the Highway Code of Marketing of support systems activity of infringements detected (eg. Speed cameras);
Article 686 of the Italian Penal Code and other special laws on drugs;
Article 122 of the Consolidated Health Laws (R.D. No. 1265 of 7 July 1934) and the innovations introduced by the "Bersani Decree" (Decree Law 223/2006), as rewritten by the Law 4 August 2006, n ° 248;
Legislative Decree No. 539/1992, on the supply system for medicinal products for human use subject to marketing authorization pursuant to Legislative Decree 29 May 1991, No. 178;
Royal Decree of 6 May 1940, No. 635 on the sale of pyrotechnic systems;
Legislative Decree. N ° 114 of 03/31/98 on trade in food;
Art. 822 and 823 on public property;
Law No. 907 of 17.07.1942, the Italian state monopoly in the market of tobacco;
Art. 661 of the Criminal Code on abuse of public credulity.
The list of legislative requirements and those illicit described above must, however, be understood carried out by way of example.
It remains, in fact, to the user to be careful to know and abide by any legislative provision currently in force binding nature.
It, as a necessary consequence of its full and exclusive liability that may arise from the violation of laws, regulations and the present general conditions, expressly declares exempt from any liability, civil or criminal, recognizing, as of now, the lack of be sued in court.
In particular, the User agrees to indemnify, substantially and procedurally, against any injury, loss, damage, liability, cost, loss or expense, including legal fees, arising from claims or advanced actions by third parties, at any site and for whatever reason, as a result of opinions or ads placed on the network by the User through the improper use of the resources offered from CareerBuilder.
4 - RIGHTS RESERVED is entitled to all the services and content made available to User through its website.
E ', therefore, forbidden to reproduce and / or use, in whole or in part, free of charge or for consideration, of any resource of the site, the graphic dress, symbols, trademarks, logos or distinctive signs in general, including the text of these terms of use.
You retain the discretionary right to grant, User's request, its written consent to the use of one or more services and for a strictly personal use.